Curricula and Teacher Resources

School Loan Kits

The Resource Valise

Includes dozens of books, artifacts, CD-ROMs, music CDs and videos that relate to 9 thematic units about Canada.

The Student Novel Collection

Contains 36 novels that can be used with the resource valise or as an independent exploration of Canada through youth fiction.

K-12 Teaching Modules / Backgrounders

Numerous educational modules written by Nadine Fabbi and articles written by Tina Storer for her “Connecting History Classrooms to Canada” column in the History Matters! e-newsletter for the National Council for History Education’s can be accessed along with others that are approved for classroom use.

K-12 Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans that educators created at the annual STUDY CANADA Summer Institute and other professional development workshops offered by our National Resource Center are available for use by other teachers. K-12 educational modules created by Nadine Fabbi, University of Washington, are also available for use. The lesson plans and modules concern a variety of topics commonly taught by teachers of Canada.

Please note that the most recent curriculum additions concern topical transborder issues and teaching about the Arctic using primary source documents and strategies. These lessons were developed by teachers after participating in the “From Coal Trains to Classrooms: Cross-border Trade, Energy and Environmental Issues in the PNW” and the “Archives on the Arctic: Connecting to Global Issues with Primary Sources” workshops in June 2013. Grant support for the latter, by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Western Regional Center, is greatly appreciated.

University of Washington Film and Video Resource Library

The University of Washington’s Educational Media Collection – a Non-Profit Educational Rental Collection – offers a wealth of videos, laserdiscs and DVDs on Canadian topics which teachers can borrow to supplement their Canadian studies curriculum.