Resource Valise

Housed in a big red suitcase so that it can travel across the country, the K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise is a teacher loan-kit developed at Western Washington University’s Center for Canadian-American Studies that makes Canada “come alive” by supplying teachers with a wealth of supplementary materials for the teaching of Canada. The K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise is suitable for Grades 4-9 and is now available for loan periods of 5-6 weeks. The only cost for its use is shipping it forward to the next teacher.

Please note the Resource Valise is for shipment only within the continental USA. Shipping costs to Hawaii and Alaska are, unfortunately, too greatResource Valise.



To receive the lowest rates, ship by ground and allow five working days for delivery.

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To Book the K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise:

Please check the loan schedule for availability and book online.