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NCHE “Connecting History Classrooms to Canada” Articles

Beginning in January 2011, the National Council for History Education has published in its History Matters! e-newsletter a “Connecting History Classrooms to Canada” column by Tina Storer, former Education and Curriculum Specialist at Western Washington University’s Center for Canadian-American Studies. The articles, sometimes in collaborations with experts in various fields, are published every other month.

The following articles can be downloaded and copied for classroom use. For questions or comments,
please contact the K12 Outreach Team or by phone (360) 650-4871.


“Linking: Connecting Canadian History to the US”

Linking! Connecting Canadian History to the US is a set of educational essays, timelines, quizzes, etc., designed to teach about Canada by making links between the histories of the two countries. The modules are written for teachers at the elementary and high school levels. They provide a simple and concise overview to each subject and are written with US students in mind. Canada is an excellent country to use in comparative studies as it is geographically near and culturally similar to the US – and yet, it is also very different.

Author, Nadine Fabbi is the Assistant Director and Outreach Coordinator of the Canadian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. She has a Master’s in Canadian Studies from Carleton University, Ottawa and has worked in the educational field since 1985.

The following modules can be downloaded and copied for classroom use. For questions or comments please contact Nadine Fabbi at (206) 543-6269.



Multiculturalism in Canada Articles

Articles/Presentations by John C. Myers


Other Backgrounders


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