National History Day Awards

(These awards are no longer available)

Beginning in 2001 and ending 2010, the Pacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada coordinated a Canadian History prize for students participating in National History Day whose projects merited awards as the best paper, exhibit, performance or media presentation on Canadian history (or a US topic with a focus on Canada). Since there are many ways to link the histories of Canada and the US, many students were encouraged to explore the connections and to compete for the prizes at the Washington State level of competition. Individual and group papers (or projects) were considered, both in the Junior and Senior categories, with cash prizes of $100 for individuals and $50 per person for group efforts. Past winners are commended for their efforts below.

(These awards were only available for the Washington state level of competition. Individual awardees received a cash prize of $100; group entry awardees received $50 each in prize money.)

Canadian History Award Winners

2008 Intermediate Division – Individual Website

$100 individual submission award.
Laura Harkins
Dances of History: The Conflict of Culture and the Compromise of a Community
Coupeville Middle School, Coupeville, WA
Advisor – Mr. Wilbur Purdue

2008 Intermediate Division – Group Performance

$50 per person for group submission
Robert Karren and Jameson Bruce
Another Shot Heard ‘Round the World: San Juan Island’s Pig War
Kingston Middle School, Kingston, WA
Advisor – Ms. Mary Lou Macala
Past Canadian History Award Winners

2007 Intermediate Division – Individual Paper

$100 individual submission award.
Jordan Sperl
Seattle and the Klondike – How Seattle Got Green Because of the Gold
Housel Middle School, Prosser, WA
Advisor – Mr. Dean Smith

2006 Junior Division – Group Documentary

$50 per person for group submission
Megan Smith and Connor Tasoff
The Last Roundup: Taking a Stand against Whale Captivity
Coupeville Middle School, Coupeville, WA
Advisor – Mr. Wilbur Purdue

2006 Senior Division – Individual Paper

$100 per individual submission
Rebecca Smith
Taking a Stand for Peace: How Diplomacy Stopped the San Juan Pig War.
Bothell Senior High, Bothell, WA
Advisor – Ms. Dori Wuepper

2005 Junior Division

Kelli Blechschmidt and Estefania Cid
Bringing Totem Poles to the Light: Communication Beyond Beavers and Bears
College Place Middle School, Lynwood, WA
Advisor – Mr. Matt Elms

2004 Junior Division – Individual Exhibit

Theodore Charles
A Pacific Graveyard: Encountering Maritime Disasters, Exploring Navigational Improvements
Edison Elementary School, Walla Walla, WA
Advisor – Ms. Katy Olsen

2004 Senior Division – Group Documentary

Ashley Jones, Michael Loyd and Kelsi Franzen
Exploration and Enlightenment: George Vancouver’s Encounters in the Pacific Northwest
Coupeville Middle/High School, Coupeville, WA
Advisor – Ms. Diane Eelkenna

2003 Junior Division – Group Performance

Catherine Means, Miriam Schwartz and Claire Simon
The Acadian Exile: The Rights Denied
The Option Program at Seward (TOPS), Seattle, WA
Advisor – Ms. Karen Hart

2002 Senior Division – Exhibit

Jessica Perry and Danny Gunderson
Canadian Borders
Burlington-Edison High School, Burlington, WA

2001 Junior Division – Documentary

Emily Foraker, Meagan Grandall and Emily Wallgren
The Streets Were Paved with Gold: The Story of the Klondike Goldrush
Poulsbo Junior High School, Poulsbo, WA
Advisor – Ms. Catherine Campbell
The Streets Were Paved with Gold made the finals at National History Day, Washington, D.C. coming in 11th place nationally!

2001 Senior Division – Individual Performance

Dana Piazzon
Mother Joseph: Frontier Builder
Coupeville High School, Coupeville, WA
Advisors – Mr. Mark Gale and Ms. Robyn Dunnigan