About PNW NRC on Canada and K-12 STUDY CANADA Outreach

The Pacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada

A University of Washington and Western Washington University Consortium

Since 1988, the Pacific Northwest National Resource Center (NRC) on Canada — formed by the Center for Canadian Studies at the University of Washington (UW) and the Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University (WWU) — has been awarded Title VI support by the US Department of Education in recognition of its leading role as a center of excellence on Canada.

UW – Canadian Studies Center

The Canadian Studies Center at the University of Washington in Seattle has a two-fold mission: to develop and expand the Canadian Studies academic program by facilitating research, scholarly activity and education about Canada; and to provide outreach to regional and national communities in public, business, government and education sectors. At K-12 levels of education, impressive Canadian studies outreach is performed in collaboration with WWU as “K-12 STUDY CANADA” and with seven other Title VI NRCs in the Henry M. Jackson School for International Studies.

WWU – Center for Canadian-American Studies

Located near the Canadian border in Bellingham, WWU offers one of the strongest programs in the US for studying Canada. More than thirty distinguished faculty engage in teaching and research on Canada – including three Donner Medal recipients for scholarly achievement in Canadian Studies. The Center offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary major for undergraduates, fosters faculty and student research on Canadian topics, organizes seminars and symposia on current Canada-US public policy issues, sponsors events highlighting Canadian culture, and conducts extensive outreach off-campus to educators, local communities, regional businesses, national media and all tiers of government.


UW and WWU jointly perform vital outreach under the hallmark of “K-12 STUDY CANADA” to encourage increased study of Canada in US classrooms. Tina Storer, education and curriculum specialist, leads NRC efforts to broaden teachers’ and students’ perspectives about the shared geography, history, and culture of North America. Many professional development opportunities such as the annual STUDY CANADA Summer Institute for K-12 Educators and French Immersion Québec Workshop are offered and extensive classroom resources and curriculum are shared at regional and national education conferences. Six outstanding NRC resources are: Canada: Northern Neighbor, a popular middle school text; K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Flyers, published biannually; K-12 STUDY CANADA and Burke Museum of Natural History loan-kits; K-12 STUDY CANADA e-Notices that recommend new topics and resources to a listserv of a thousand US educators; O Canada! The True North Strong and Free! Newspapers in Education publication; and the www.k12studycanada.org primary Internet gateway serving educators around the globe.


The K12 Outreach Team, Center for Canadian-American Studies, WWU, and Nadine Fabbi, Associate Director at the Canadian Studies Center, UW, are the driving forces behind K-12 STUDY CANADA. They welcome the opportunity to bring Canada into your classroom – their expertise and teaching experience is available to regional school boards, individual schools, superintendents, principals, and students interested in K-12 curriculum instruction, delivery and materials on Canada.

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